It’s a Worm Table!

The couple that built the house we live in is no longer living, but they had amazing foresight. Everywhere we look, we can see signs of commitment to excellence. For instance, the electrical breaker box has every switch labeled. Puzzling for months over the one switch labeled “Worm House”, we searched until we figured outContinue reading “It’s a Worm Table!”

The Brave Huntress Strikes Again! And Again! And Again!

On the way down to the chicken house, to take my girlies some scraps, today, I startle a squirrel, which bounds into the woods, startling me, in return. Next, a deer leaps from its hiding place near the edge of the woods and races after the squirrel, such rattling of leaves and scrambling of footsteps as I’ve notContinue reading “The Brave Huntress Strikes Again! And Again! And Again!”

Most Popular Post, So Far

The folks at postaday asked us to list for them our top posts for the year. Since my Internet still has issues with the idea that I am trying to USE it, I thought I would repost this one for those who may have missed it. Hope you like it; it got scads of views! ReclaimingContinue reading “Most Popular Post, So Far”