Go home.

Stop just wishing.

If you wish you could go home again, come on in and let’s talk.

If you’re weary of the exterior world, let’s put our feet up and have a fresh, hot cup of something besides the same ol’ star-bucks.

If you worry about your kids being out where it’s worse than it used to be, let’s pray for them.

If you’re hungry for real food and want your family to be, too, let me send you home with some fresh sugar cookies, from scratch.

Woman is more than just a SAHMobile, isn’t she.
She has vision, knowledge, a personality that sometimes interrupts the 24/7 shift, doesn’t she.
She wants things they don’t sell at Target.

I know.
She thinks.

And here’s something to think about:

You have children.
In these troubled times,
You need to know how to homeschool them.
You need to know how to come home.
You need to know how to live on one income.
You need to know how to do-by-self.
You need Home’s Cool!
Glad you’re here. 🙂

You CAN go home again, and you must, and help starts here.

Or here.