Wow. I Got Surprised Today!

I’ve been following Marianne Manthey for a while and commented recently on one of her group questions. That’s how things get started, friends! 🙂 Today I find myself quoted in a new publication she is producing, which you can find here. It’s blogging related, so off topic for me, but… Thanks, Marianne! ❤

Overheard: The Manger Is Empty…

…But so is the grave. Jesus just is not here, visibly, these days. We cannot go up to Him and walk a mile or two with Him, these days. We cannot hear Him speaking with our physical ears, cannot touch the scars in His hands, cannot set our children on His lap. But the dayContinue reading “Overheard: The Manger Is Empty…”

Handmade Gifts from the Kitchen!

Well! There were requests for my Cranberry/Cream Cheese sauce recipe, so you will find it here! I’m guest posting, today, again, for Arkansas Women Bloggers. This time of year there is so much to share; they were kind enough to allow me two opportunities. I love cooking. I love cooking for my loved ones. IContinue reading “Handmade Gifts from the Kitchen!”

It’s Gift Time! So I’m Giving Away a Recipe!

It is my great joy to announce I’ve been allowed to guest post again, for the Arkansas Women Bloggers.  This time, it is for their Foodie Friday post. I’m so excited to share our family’s fruitcake recipe for your enjoyment. Now don’t frown! This thing is delicious and has taught many people what the excitementContinue reading “It’s Gift Time! So I’m Giving Away a Recipe!”