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National Biscuit Month, 15-SECOND Biscuit Recipe!


National Biscuit Month, September

My family loves hot, homemade biscuits, and this is National Biscuit Month.

So, I thought I’d resurrect an old favorite recipe, just for you!

Although I’ve known the recipe handed down to me from my families, I’ve also never been satisfied just to do what everyone else is doing. I’m always thinking it might be even better if…

So one day I tried substituting real butter in the recipe I’d inherited, to replace the shortening. Oh, MY, did I notice a big difference, right away!

One thing led to another and I tried upping the fat content. Instead of the recommended 1/3 cup of fat, I tried a whole STICK of butter. Oh, MY, did I notice a big difference right away!

But then. Oh, then, I found a recipe for cream biscuits.

Phoo, those things are almost ALL fat, did you realize? Mmmm. No one can eat just one.

Several tweaks later, I invented the 15-Second Biscuit Recipe.


If I hurry, I can make biscuit dough in 15 seconds, and so can you. Here’s how:

  1. Combine equal portions of self-rising flour and heavy (or whipping) cream.
  2. Stir very quickly with a fork.
  3. Done.

Now. You must realize the benefits of this recipe that go beyond the race with the clock:

  1. These biscuits are almost like cake, but without the sweetness.
  2. You won’t believe how tall and tender they turn out.
  3. If you want, you can make only one biscuit. Just use 1/4 cup, each, flour and cream.

If you prefer whole wheat biscuits, as I do, you can easily create your own whole-wheat, self-rising flour.


And share with us your favorite type of gravy for these golden orbs!