What do you get for home schooling?

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    Human Rights logo: “FREE AS A MAN” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    You get your children removed from the home at gunpoint and placed in foster care.

  2. You get permission to leave the country denied.
  3. You get your children placed, against your will, in a public school.
  4. You get threatened with jail and permanent removal of your children from your care, if you do anything about it.


Sound familiar?

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted in direct response to what happened in Nazi Germany. It recognizes that parents have a prior right over the government to decide how children are educated. That’s because German Nazis took over the country’s educational system and used it as a weapon of social dominion.”


…Whose former home schools gave us:

Germany, who also gave us Hitler, has decided she likes her Hitler best. Again.