The Last Snowing Hurricane

Lewis and Clark had just started out for points unknown. Jefferson was President and was incumbent during the soon-coming election. Clinton was his running mate. George Clinton, that is. The Electoral College had new rules to try out. Then it hit. No one alive had ever seen anything like it. With no means of earlyContinue reading “The Last Snowing Hurricane”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter – 2

Ever seen the sunlight shining through snow? Backlit snow? Glowing? Look here: As the weak winter sun begins its morning round, the snow softens, the webwork sags and becomes visible and then backlit. Rare. A little like a church-goer who really knows the Christ. Now look at this beauty: Amazing how a just a bitContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter – 2”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

I think someone at the top has been reading my mind. Or, possibly (gasp!) reading my site! However it is, I am so thankful for the “winter” challenge! Finally I will unload more of my fun shots of snow in action. Yea! To show my appreciation, I’ll begin with a couple of snowy smiles: