Did You Learn to Swim in a Sewer?

English: Mind that Fence. As the sign says at ...

Mind that Fence. As the sign says at Maltby sewage works, ‘Health and Safety is no accident’, perhaps the loose temporary fence panel could learn a lesson from this.

They say life out there is sink or swim.

They say we learn to socialize by socializing. You know — make enough social errors and you’ll learn, eventually.

What if our children are, instead, just learning to like the smell of sewage?

Or that it is good?

I never could get used to it.

People kept splashing sewage all over me.

Told me I was too sensitive.


I kinda wish more were. How about you?

Anyway, I found a Stream of Water that is Alive and cordoned off the section of sewer where it was entering, for my children to learn to swim.

Also gave them swimming lessons, instead of just throwing them in and hoping.

Made more sense to me.

How about you?


photo credit: Wikipedia