In order to submerge the individual and develop ideal citizens, Sparta assembled the males at [age] seven into barracks and entrusted their subsequent education and training to official guardians. Although such measures have been deliberately approved by men of great genius their ideas touching the relation between individual and state were wholly different from those upon which our institutions rest; and it hardly will be affirmed that any Legislature could impose such restrictions upon the people of a state without doing violence to both letter and spirit of the Constitution.Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390 (1923) at 402

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of...
Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How about that.

What ARE we doing?

Anyone brave enough to hazard a guess?

Whenever we hold hands with the United Nations, that is what we get.  They tell us it’s all about the rights of children and other “disabled” people, but we really know what it’s all about.

Don’t we?

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It’s not just the Gates Foundation, folks.

Jus’ Sayin’

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U.N. Trying to Take Over the Internet

United Nations


U.N. Conference Introduces Resolution to Gain Control of Internet—in Middle of Night


In the middle of the night at a U.N. conference in Dubai, the presiding chairman of the International Telecommunication Union conference surveyed the assembled countries to see whether there was interest in having greater involvement in the U.N. governing the Internet. A majority of countries gave their approval.