2 thoughts on “Saturday Saying

  1. Oh… so true, Katharine; thank you for reminding us of this Emerson quote. Time and again we hesitate to speak the encouraging words to someone, though the words swell in our hearts. Or we don’t seize the opportunity to DO something, when it was well within our ability. We say to ourselves, “Oh, he/she KNOWS how I feel.” But not so. WORDS and TIME are priceless gifts– Once wasted, neither can be recalled; once invested, both pay dividends through eternity.
    Many members of my family are in public service industries. I know the “extra mile” they walk to serve others, thus I made a personal resolution long years ago that I would verbally THANK and write notes to supervisors of the people who offer to me good service or help. Begin with the teenager who bags your groceries, include your letter carrier and other delivery people, the sales associate who helps you find the size you needed….. there is no end to the people I can find to thank. A small investment of your time makes a HUGE impact upon the life of the recipient.

    • Thanks, Abigail! I know I let golden moments slip by, and I am too quick to notice when complaining is appropriate! I think that is why I like that quote from Emerson–I need it!

      And I’m glad you liked it.


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