Saturday Sayings – Inside

Saint George by Gustave Moreau. Español: San J...

Saint George by Gustave Moreau.

At last the dragon was wounded. It roared with pain and plunged at St. George, opening its great mouth close to the brave knight’s head.

St. George looked carefully, then struck with all his strength straight down inside the dragon’s throat, and it fell at the horse’s feet—dead.

St. George and the Dragon” retold by Esenwein and Stockard.

A classic tale with a classic lesson:

Face the enemy.

Look carefully.

You will find his weakest spot directly behind the smoke and the glare of teeth.


photo credit: Wikipedia

10 thoughts on “Saturday Sayings – Inside

    • katharinetrauger says:

      Oh, Tanya! Wow! I am so glad to hear from you! Also so sorry your comment landed in my spam folder, at first. Found ya, though! 🙂
      I loved this one, too. It was love at first sight! 😆
      Also loved the story. Have you been to the Creation Science Museum near Cincinatti? They have lots there about George, et al.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Come visit again, sometimes soon!

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