Go Green…

Green with envy, maybe . . .

Don't waste food.I’ve been writing about saving money (saving resources, saving the ecology, etc.) for years, but all that work is scattered around on this site, and rather hard to find amidst over 700 posts.

Saving resources in a sort of do-by-self way has been the theme of our great country for many centuries. We were not all always motivated by the same exact ethic when we scraped and made do, but we all always just could never feel right throwing away perfectly good stuff.

I guess it came too hard.

My mom always reminded me of all the starving people in some far-away place. Many of them have since moved here, but still, how cruel to throw away that last bite of food on the plate, when they would do almost anything to obtain it for themselves!

Well, and then there are the ones who have managed to get the food off our plates, but that’s another subject.

The facts remain, though. If you own a patch of dirt and some seed, you can eat. If you bother with putting food up in jars, you can save our tin resources. If you eat leftovers you save food. If you grow your own, you save money on groceries.

In other words, whether you save out of poverty, stubbornness, habit, frugality, guilt, or greed, DO join in this grand, centuries-old fad and $AVE something!

Now, enjoy the list!

That’s all for now. I probably lost some, so let me know if you find them. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Go Green…

    1. Thanks, Leah! So many fun memories that make me feel tired, in a way, but also very glad. 🙂 We still do these things, though. It seems insurmountable, taken all at once, but it all happens only one day at a time. And laugher and love for family just makes everything fun. 😆

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