But . . . There Really IS a Fire in the Theater!!!

I know my readers love stories and this one is a doozy. Do read it and wake up. WHEN THE LAW IS NO MORE Here you will find the amazing story of the true purpose of censorship and the true purpose of freedom of expression in a world gone awry. Do read it. And wakeContinue reading “But . . . There Really IS a Fire in the Theater!!!”

An Aside: Just couldn’t help it . . .

I’ve been following this great photographer for a long time and always love what I see on this site. This time was just too amazing and fun. When one artist is photographing the works of another artist, it is–um–artistic! Go here for an excellent, thought-provoking snap: http://giulas41.wordpress.com/2011/11/14/weekly-photo-challenge-wonder-2/#comment-3919