For the Rest of Your Life…

Rest and relaxation

And He said to them, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” For there were many coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat. Matthew 6:10

I used to feel a little guilty pulling that one out. I mean, there are plenty of Christians who pull Bible verses out of context, just to get what they want! Don’t need more of them!

But isn’t it true that quite often, we moms just would love a nap? Yep. And when Mr. Sandman is beating you around the head and shoulders with his sandbag, Bible verses about rest just seem so true!

So, pull, I would. I remember the first time I realized Jesus was telling his men to take a nap. Arrgh! I never wanted to be part of any Bible story more than that one. Well, unless it was walking on water . . .

But even that would definitely have to be after a nap!

Then one day I realized something about that verse. I realized it is a command . . . and OH, MY! did it work on my sense of self-worth!

The way the story goes, Jesus called his men aside and told them to rest because they’d not even had time to eat.

Yet the questions always come: How!  And will they let you?

Can you relate?! I certainly can!

Those hectic days when everything piles on top of everything else are exactly when we need to remember the command is to back off.  Of course, we cannot leave little ones unsupervised while we take a nap, but it is possible to slip into a restful mode and feel How to Get an Amazing Rest from a Crazy Busy Daythe refreshing that can get us through ’til the end of the work day.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. R is for RETREAT. No one will take you seriously if you keep on puttering in the kitchen or shuffling papers. If you don’t quit, you will never get there! Find an easy chair or couch or even a bed and make it look like you mean business.
  2. E is for ENJOY. No fair feeling guilty! Besides, a guilt trip is not restful. Tell yourself you need this and so do they. Smile and close your eyes. Sip a favorite drink. Get to another place in your imagination, if only for a few minutes.
  3. S is for SET A TIMER. Your appointment with rest is important. Make it a good fifteen minutes and make it inviolable time, too. Turn the phone off, give interrupters that blank look, and hush anyone who forgets this is your set time. The timer also assures you won’t over-do it.
  4. T is for THANKFUL. Tell your heart this is a God thing. Every minute is worth cherishing. That lovely feeling of having rested will take you through the rest of the day and even prolong the rest of your life. This is so good; love it for what it is worth.

It may not seem do-able, but you can do it.

Even taking a few moments out, just closing a door for one or two minutes, can make a difference in how we perceive things and how we respond.

It’s a command . . . Okay to obey!

Whatever Works: Laundry

I’ve encountered another $100.00!

English: Laundry is hung to dry above an Itali...
Laundry is hung to dry above an Italian street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve known for ages that the older ways were kinder on clothing, on the environment, and on the utilities bill, but I just recently found the exact dollar amount.

They say, if I dry my laundry the old-fashioned way, I save about $100.00 every year. I’ve been doing this for many, many years. It’s more like $4,300, really. And it takes only a few moments per day, really hardly any longer than just loading the dryer.

But that’s not all.

No, if we dry our clothes on a line or rack, we extend the life of the clothing about 50%. Of course, we may not make good use of the savings if we are enslaved to the changing of the styles, but for many of us, that represents another huge saving.

But that’s not all.

Clothing dried on a rack come “out of the dryer” pre-folded! How cool is that? I literally take towels and wash cloths off the rack and put them away, as is. T-shirts require only one more fold. Everything is already smoothed, stacks better, and just is twice as easy to put away.

English: Drying clothes
Drying clothes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But that’s not all.

How would you like to add to last Wednesday’s health tricks? Drying laundry indoors humidifies the air in the winter, causing the body to fight off upper respiratory problems more efficiently. The result is fewer colds. That’s what they say, and I think I can tell that is happening for us. We’re “weller” without the cost or the mess of a humidifier.

But that’s not all.

Quality of life seems to skyrocket. Towels are more absorbent when they are not gummed up with fabric softener. A rack-dried towel, fresh from the closet, gives a marvelous back-scratching. Cotton t-shirts feel more honestly real when you put them on, and smell better, too, especially if they’ve been line-dried outdoors. We never encounter static cling.

But that’s not all.

If you have never gone to bed between freshly laundered, line-dried sheets, you just come on over to my house, dear, and let me introduce you to some real sleep. Sheets that you can feel, that stay tucked in, and that smell like angel wings — you won’t know what hit you ’til mornin’ honey!

And that’s probably still not all.

Whatever Works. A Code

dose globules de 1 gramme

I’ve had a “code id by doze.”

But in one day I was well.

This was an entirely untimely disease that struck me very suddenly and flattened me.

In one day, I was well.

On last Wednesday afternoon, I was fine. By nightfall I was sneezing, weakening, and worried. By Thursday morning, I had a fever, aching sinuses, and zero energy.

We were leaving for a 12-hour car trip to an important destination on Saturday morning, very early. North.

However, by the very next night, I was well enough to realize I need not stay home, and on Saturday morning, very early, I felt cured.

I think you would like to know how I did this, so I will explain and you must believe I do not get any reward for mentioning the products I used. Here goes:

  • On Wednesday night, when I started feeling bad, I was out of the house, but had one very wonderful product in my purse: Sambucol. I keep that in my purse if at all possible. It is for taking at the first sign of a cold. I was sneezing and chilling. So I took it often. More than once I have found this product stops a cold for me. The directions call for melting the tablet in the mouth, but I know that works best for many people if we consider inside the cheeks the best melting place for these types of supplements.
  • Once I got home, I took Oscillococcinum. I took another dose right before bed, too. We try to keep this wonderful cold and flu stopper on us at all times, too, and I should have had some of it in my purse, but did not. My husband keeps this at work, too, because he, too, finds it supremely effective at stopping viruses. Again, it is to be melted and held in the mouth for as long as possible.
  • I often use another similar product called Coldcalm, and because I was worried about missing out on the trip, I chose this occasion to use it also.
  • Finally, I added Umcka Cold Care drops to my treatment. I was serious about getting well, you can tell.
  • With supper, instead of my usual beverage, I’d had water with Airborne in it. I always drink this when I’ve been around sick folks or when I feel my immunities need boosting. So by the time I knew something was amiss, I was already geared for action.
  • I keep a box of Celestial Seasonings Complete Care Echinacea tea , and made myself a double of that at bedtime. Mmm.
  • Also at bedtime, I took one Benedryl capsule, since my nose was beginning to burn and stop up. I also rubbed Mentholatum over my nose.
  • Because I ached and could feel fever coming on, and because I cannot tolerate aspirin, I took a couple of white willow bark capsules.
  • I went to bed early. Sleep is very important.
  • In the middle of the night I woke and drank a large glass of water, following it with another dose of “Oscillo” plus another dose of Sambucol.
  • All day, Thursday, I rested in a recliner and repeated all the above as often as needed. One exception: I used Sudafed in the daytime for my stopped nose and ears, at a half-dose.
  • I had absolutely NO sugar. Sugar zaps immunities. I seldom have sugar anyway, but was extra careful at this time.
  • By Friday morning, I felt quite a bit better; by Friday afternoon, I knew I could go on the trip.
  • By Saturday, although I took all those meds with me on the trip, I never used them, except for Benedryl at night. I was well.

The important aspect of all this is that I was able to catch the progress of the disease in the very smallest beginnings of it. Once a virus gets the upper hand, these products do not work for me. Nothing does, then.

You may price the above products and if you think them expensive, you have not been to the doctor lately, and you certainly have not had to go two or three times before you got well. We consider the price of these products health insurance, or even health “ensurance”.

I have been asleep…

Taking a nap or...
Taking a nap… (Photo credit: unertlkm)

. . . but I have not dreamed.

Dreaming, except for nightmares, can be great fun. I can get into some real fixes and then get out just by waking up! After that, I try to figure what I must have eaten before bed, to cause such craziness in the head.

Don’t you?

“House” dreams are supposed to be about ourselves. So when I dreamed about a huge house with a flooded basement, I’m not sure I had such a great supper that night.

I much prefer the one where the staircase leads upward, to hundreds of elegantly appointed bedrooms.

My favorite dreams, I believe, are when I dream about sleeping. Mmm . . .

I also have the other type of dreams, when wide-awake, planning wonderful projects I will do next year. These dreams are haunting and therefore remind me of nightmares.

I am supposed to act on them, to perfect everything I need before I can get started. Losing weight, writing a book, finishing the afghan, unpacking the last box from moving several years ago, all fit that category. I should be making these dreams come true, but something keeps waking me up from real life, and it is not clear WHAT.

Once upon a time, I had weeding and weighing in good shape. Same for ironing. Really.

Was I simply setting a good example so my children would grow up with good habits? That’s a good modus. However, now that no one is watching me . . .

Well, the Lord is watching, right?

Once I was motivated by love for others, my little others who surrounded my skirts with neediness. I now must find motivation only in doing what is right.

I have choices. I don’t like who I see living inside this rules-bound exterior.

The last child is gone. Can I afford to do my own thing? Am I really my own puppy? Do I need to rethink?

I have slept.

It’s time to wake up.

A Cure for “The Quits” – Part 2

tons of fast food...Related to losing the vision, yet distinct in a way, sometimes we know what God has said and we determine to do it, but we fail to count the cost. (Luke 14:28-30)

If we do not count the cost, we can find ourselves unprepared to pay the cost. This can make the cost seem too steep, although in our hearts we know that no cost is too much for our children’s welfare.

Still, we pause.

We think of quitting.

We fall back to some degree.

By cost, I do not mean only monetary cost.

Although with homeschooling there is a little cost, it is also possible to homeschool without spending very much money at all.

No, the cost I mean is often in the realm of social connections. When we begin home schooling, often we lose old friends, or so it seems. What truly may be happening is that we finally discover who our real friends are. We discover, also, how much loyalty our family members feel towards us. Sometimes it is appallingly little.

It hurts.

It is a lot to pay.

We feel like courting the approval of man.

Sometimes, the cost can be in the realm of lost second income, too. We find ourselves in the position of having to sew our own clothes, clean our own house, or cook our own food. The fact that we are, at last, able to do so, because we at last have the time for it, does not seem to soften the reality, sometimes.

Or the cost could come in units of time, itself. Without the usual eight-to-five pushing us ever onward, we may discover sleep. This can also feel like lost time, lost time for ME, but time we willingly gave, perhaps, to an employer, when it was for money.

Therefore, we may just keep insulting our family with the same old expensive fast food, in favor of staying in that warm bed.

Is this you?

Do you wonder how I know?

Are you beginning to guess at the cures?

More tomorrow!