How to Make a Man Cry—Memorize

I’ve always taught my children to memorize the Bible. I think it is good for their spirits, good for their souls, and even good for their bodies, if they heed it. People seldom made me memorize anything until I was fourteen, but I remember much of it, today. I want my grown children to haveContinue reading “How to Make a Man Cry—Memorize”

Mary and Martha and Me

When I Was a Turkey Several years ago our family tried a Thanksgiving experiment. Instead of buying our Thanksgiving dinner, we only priced it and sent the amount to a mission. We then asked God to give us a meal from His own hand that we could see was especially from Him. In our minds,Continue reading “Mary and Martha and Me”

Momentum – Ten Ways to Find It!

I remember studying momentum in 7th grade. Who knew I’d need it someday? That science teacher was great about showing fun examples to his bored students. For instance, when he wanted to illustrate some principle about sound waves, he picked up a yardstick and invited a student to come up to the front of the classContinue reading “Momentum – Ten Ways to Find It!”

Brush Your Teeth With Chocolate!

Okay, I know this is not dentist-approved, but let’s think about it a while. Has anyone out there ever tested it? Thought not. Well, I have. If I’ve just eaten, or if my mouth is less than satisfactory to me in any way, I love using chocolate for an emergency remedy. My teeth will feel cleaner,Continue reading “Brush Your Teeth With Chocolate!”

Can I Teach You to Love Ironing?

Good morning!

Let me ask you: Do you wade into laundry chores with a smile?

I thought not.

I’ve recently taken up a challenge to teach someone to love ironing. Not sure I can succeed, but wondered if anyone out there is as crazy as I am, and actually loves to do ironing.

Hoping I can connect with a few others, you know, so I don’t feel so very–umm–odd!

Let me know how I did!