Brush Your Teeth With Chocolate!

Okay, I know this is not dentist-approved, but let’s think about it a while. Has anyone out there ever tested it? Thought not. Well, I have. If I’ve just eaten, or if my mouth is less than satisfactory to me in any way, I love using chocolate for an emergency remedy. My teeth will feel cleaner,Continue reading “Brush Your Teeth With Chocolate!”

Can I Teach You to Love Ironing?

Good morning!

Let me ask you: Do you wade into laundry chores with a smile?

I thought not.

I’ve recently taken up a challenge to teach someone to love ironing. Not sure I can succeed, but wondered if anyone out there is as crazy as I am, and actually loves to do ironing.

Hoping I can connect with a few others, you know, so I don’t feel so very–umm–odd!

Let me know how I did!


The First Thing?

I’ve not made a major announcement of my grandchildren on social media, before. Today is different. Our tenth grandchild and sixth granddaughter arrived today at 5:30 a.m. She was only a tad late, and had attempted to get here all week long. Had all the pro’s fooled. So finally, we relax, our worried prayers turningContinue reading “The First Thing?”

Well, the Coons Got Us Again.

As a counselor and a retired professional mom, I must say: Raccoons are incorrigible wasters, ruiners of all things good, heartless beasts that care neither about boundaries nor animal rights. Their ability and seeming desire to inflict gross horror is limitless. As people who tend six hens, our job was keeping them safe at nightContinue reading “Well, the Coons Got Us Again.”

Big Numbers from Little Ones

An estimated 11,000,000 people died in the Nazi holocaust. About 6,000,000 of those were Jews, about 1,100,000 were children. Those are big numbers. The Haitian government estimated 220,000 died in the 2010 earthquake. Over 5,000 died in the Philippine typhoon last November. Around 230,000 died in the Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Big numbers.Continue reading “Big Numbers from Little Ones”

Been Muddin’

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge I just returned from a ladies’ conference on top of a beautiful mountain in Arkansas with outstanding scenery. It was raining. But that’s not all. The road up the side of this mountain is normally composed of the natural rock we naturally find under the scant soil of mountainsides.  ThisContinue reading “Been Muddin’”