That Darling Spot

Before the front patio was finished

Before the front patio was finished

I live in a small town, outside a small town, actually, which puts me smack in the middle of nowhere. And I like it.

I remember when I followed a map and my husband’s instructions and finally, finally arrived at this place, with one of my daughters-in-law in the front seat of my car, and her baby in the back. I remember when we got out of the car I said to her, “Listen!”

She stopped and did not shut the car door, straining to hear something.

I said, “What do you hear?”

Since I was grinning in pleasure, she knew what I was hearing, and answered, “Nothin’!”

“Nothin’,” I repeated.

And mostly, that’s how it is out here.

Quiet. Calm. Safe.

And so, after years of being here, content as can be, I’ve begun thinking of all we do not have.

And I cannot think of a thing I’d add.

Why, just today, near a town of fewer than 300 population, I found a great place to work out (both strength and aerobics), tan, and sauna.

While I was at it, I got my yardwork done for free.

Just cannot beat it. 😉

Yardwork done

Before the strength training, aerobics, tanning, sauna, and free yardwork was done. 😉