My Friend’s New Book!

Gates book review ropedI’ve made friends with a lady who has surprised me by writing a Young Adult fiction book, and it is really good! (That part did not surprise me.)

The book is Roped, by DiAne Gates. You can find it on Amazon, here.

I read it for her at the very last minute before the work went to the publisher, and I have to say, it is quite good, and a great “rodeo” kind of book aimed at teen girls. Although it has hatred, crime, and public school involved, I think it represents all of those in a realistic and yet not blatant or grizzly way.  I appreciated that about it.

It basically is a story about trying to win a contest and facing many obstacles along the way, but Mrs. Gates manages to make it an entertaining and attractive story at the same time. I liked it!

I would recommend it for and gift it to any young girl I knew. Hope you give it a try. That link again.