My Friend’s New Book!

Gates book review ropedI’ve made friends with a lady who has surprised me by writing a Young Adult fiction book, and it is really good! (That part did not surprise me.)

The book is Roped, by DiAne Gates. You can find it on Amazon, here.

I read it for her at the very last minute before the work went to the publisher, and I have to say, it is quite good, and a great “rodeo” kind of book aimed at teen girls. Although it has hatred, crime, and public school involved, I think it represents all of those in a realistic and yet not blatant or grizzly way.  I appreciated that about it.

It basically is a story about trying to win a contest and facing many obstacles along the way, but Mrs. Gates manages to make it an entertaining and attractive story at the same time. I liked it!

I would recommend it for and gift it to any young girl I knew. Hope you give it a try. That link again.

Where Do You Home School?

You could study in the rain, perhaps?

Some can study in the rain?

Here is a partial list that will inspire you through the end of the winter doldrums and on into the joys of SPRING!

  1. Car.
  2. Park.
  3. Blanket under a shade tree.
  4. Hospital waiting room.
  5. Front porch (although the swing may cause motion sickness.)
  6. Grandma’s house.
  7. Mall.
  8. Restaurant.
  9. Van.
  10. Oak tree.
  11. Play house.
  12. Floor.
  13. Recliner.
  14. Deck.
  15. Kitchen table.
  16. Cushy window seat.
  17. Under a tent made of blankets draped over your bedroom furniture.
  18. Inside a real tent.
  19. Public library.
  20. Church.
  21. A friend’s house.
  22. Basement.
  23. Attic.

Now. You’re turn! Which of the above would be your children’s favorites? Where else can we study?