This. Means. War.

English: Vietnam War Memorial, Hanoi.
English: Vietnam War Memorial, Hanoi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just finished a good book by SQ. Rushnell containing a moving story about the Vietnam War and the damage it caused. It mentions the memorial, the 500-foot long black wall. It tells of visitors moved to tears by the more than 58,000 unlived lives and living heartaches represented there.

To say they died trying to protect us would be a fair statement even if some disagreed.

We could not say that about some others who have died:

The aborted ones have no memorial to speak of.

Oh, sometimes we display a few wooden crosses to make a statement, a temporary protest. When we put the crosses away later, though, we prove it is not a memorial.

But if a similar black wall existed for these dead, it would have to be at least a thousand times longer than the one memorializing the war dead. At least.

I read that three million people visit the Vietnam War Memorial each year. Hard to believe roughly 10,000 visits per day, isn’t it.

But at that same rate, if the aborted ones could have lived to visit the Wall, it would have taken them about 17 years, just to go there. It is that many.

To buy one rose for each MILLION would cost about $250.

To educate them, the public schools would have garnered about $270 billion.

Per year.

And that’s where their money really went.

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3 thoughts on “This. Means. War.

  1. Absolutely right, Katharine….also why social security is short of funds….I fail to understand why it is that people have forgotten that our laws are supposed to protect the weak and defenseless from the strong and the powerful. What is more defenseless than a baby? To make babies into throw-away items coarsened our society and numbed them from the wrong of killing. If a person is inconvenient he/she is disposable. You are so right Katharine…

    1. Oh, yes, all our social playing has totally warped our entire society. I don’t know about you, but I learned all about the dangers of social tweaking in 7th grade. Maybe we’ve had a bunch of 6th graders in charge for too long. Except I think any 6th grader would know to protect a baby . . .

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