It’s School Time.

School is almost upon us for the year. That means it is high time to look at your school choices. Especially if you are unhappy with your collective school, you need to think about slipping out of that situation and readying yourself and your children for schooling at home.  I hope you’ve spent quality timeContinue reading “It’s School Time.”

Help Me Save the U.S. Taxpayers $20,000,000,000

That’s twenty billion. Dollars. And that’s per year. Every year. We can do this and even more, one family at a time. You, yourself, can save the U.S.$130,000 over the next 12 or so years. All by yourself. How? By homeschooling just one child. A cool $20,000,000,000 (TWENTY BILLION) is what homeschoolers are already savingContinue reading “Help Me Save the U.S. Taxpayers $20,000,000,000”

How to Sweat the Big Stuff

Just read a darling story about a guy who was, like me, a writer, but, who, not like me, had one published book under his belt and another on the way. He wrote of his old publisher doing something really unethical on the new book, and of having to insist it be recalled while heContinue reading “How to Sweat the Big Stuff”