Are you just now beginning a school in your home?

And: Are you shocked at what you’ve discovered?

Not so very long ago, (about thirty years, or so) we began homeschooling in the middle of the school year.

It can be tough.

Or it can be total joy.

Or it can be both.

I’m here to encourage you: You can do this. You can make it a beautiful combination of toughness and joy.

How it is with your child's new school!

How it is with your child’s new school!

I can show you how.

What follows are links to a five-part series of actual steps you can take to maximize your experience, and your student’s experience, as you wander through this new land called “Homeschool”.

1. The first step is already done: Bringing your child home is the first step.

For better or worse (It’s better, I promise!) you are now the 100% proud owner of a somewhat used child. Here’s how to spruce up your new acquisition and enjoy a great start-up and lots of remaining miles!

2. You will have a long time to get your whole school right, but you have only now to get now right. 

When you have a couple of weeks behind you, start taking a closer look and planning for the entire journey. No sense in running out of gas or getting lost. It’s time for detailing and getting a map.

3. Yes, “perks” are very important in a home school. Actually, they are important to everyone…

The wax job that makes for smoother sliding through the environment. What to, and not to pack for the journey and how to squeeze it all in.

4. Yes, he needs you; that is why God made parents.

Changing the oil; getting the junk out of the radiator, and a decent set of tires can make all the difference in the world! You’ll go further and be more sure of arriving at all!

5. The home-schooled student truly does have every advantage.

Those who get the most out of any trip are those who invest their entire beings into it. Is it time for you to make a major investment of your whole heart?


4 thoughts on “Are you just now beginning a school in your home?

    • Bill Hesford says:

      I home schooled my 3 children who now are finished, married and on their own – so to speak. The worlds systems have nothing at all to offer (unless home is just -well, awful)
      At first, I was afraid they will miss out on so many things, but by the time we finished, the things they ‘missed out on’ were ALL bad. That universal ALL sounds extreme. Of course- it is. Who knows ‘all’ – or has omniscience. Only God.
      I do not believe there is any alternative for a godly upbringing anymore in our post Christian society, except to remove the children from it. We are not to ‘marry’ Canaanites’.
      Of course, the system handed down by the UN, ratified by Australia, will ultimately be imposed upon us with legislation. They truly must have control. If one doubts this -read the UN manifesto which Australia dutifully agreed to.

  1. katharinetrauger says:

    Of course it is getting worse and worse. That is to be expected!

    Thanks for this comment, and WELCOME to Home’s Cool! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your visit and will stop by again, sometime. I appreciated your wise observations, here. 🙂

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