Not another dead child…

At just after 7:00 a.m., at Jonathan Law school, a 16-year-old Connecticut honor student was stabbed to death (no guns in Conn.) because she did the honorable thing:

She told a boy who asked her out, “no”. She did not want to go out with him.

Do we wonder why? Did she know he was bad news? Did she not feel safe? Did she know his reputation?

Did she not even date? My daughter would have said, “no” because she was too young to date…

“The greatest concern we have is for students who are hurting will keep it inside,” Feser said. “We want them to know we are here for them.”

A Call to Repeal 'Citizens United'

State Sen. Gayle Slossberg, D-Milford, said she has spoken with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and he said the state is ready to provide whatever services it can.
Police were still on the scene investigating Friday afternoon. Mello said they expect the school to be open for classes Monday.

Really. Their main concern is that the kids won’t talk about their pain after a state-enforced exposure to murder.

Really. the governor is ready to do whatever. Right.

And school will continue, business-as-usual, as in murder-is-the-usual-and-we’ve-already-had-too-many-snow-days-so-please-get-over-it-this-weekend is the usual, in collective schools.

My heart is breaking and it’s not even my daughter, my child, my district, my state, or even my problem. It’s just a sweet little girl-woman murdered by a . . .

Meanwhile, local to me, law enforcement workers recently announced that in light of school violence leading to death, first-aid kits will be provided for every classroom.


Oh, also, instructions will be provided to every staff, as to how to apply band-aids and antiseptic ointment.


PEOPLE! Please, please, please homeschool.


Photo credit: A Call to Repeal ‘Citizens United’ (Photo credit: CT Senate Democrats)



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Katharine is a writer, speaker, women's counselor, and professional mom. Happily married over 50 years to the same gorgeous guy. She loves cooking amazing homegrown food, celebrating grandbabies, her golden-egg-laying hennies, and watching old movies with popcorn. Her writing appears at Medium, Arkansas Women Bloggers, Contently, The Testimony Train, Taste Arkansas, Only in Arkansas, and in several professional magazines and one anthology.

12 thoughts on “Not another dead child…

  1. How tragic and unreal!! What is happening to our world Katherine?? I hate to turn on the news any more or open the paper. As a matter of fact, hubby has asked that I not renew the subscription. Do we hide our heads in the sand? We can only demand action so many times and not be heard. Our God must be so unhappy with our world! I know I am and so glad I’m secluded on our farm. I know hiding away doesn’t help but it just breaks my heart to hear it all!

    1. Oh, Rita, I know.
      Our world is getting darker and darker. But we have the light.
      No we do not live with our heads in the sand. But we women should live in, feel safe in, relax in, revel in our protected places. That is why you cringe from the “news” and hubby is saying to stop. We’re not made for it.
      Someone (we’re not sure who!) once said that the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. I feel that sharply, but I should remember, I am not a man, good or evil.
      I must learn contentment, peace, prayer support, and honor for my man, and I should trust God to provide my needs.
      I also ask God to use what I have to make a difference. Your peaceful farm might house someone in dire need, as the days darken and lengthen to that final day of complete brilliance!
      Thanks for your sweet heart of deep care. Let’s both pray for this poor child’s family, okay?

  2. Katharine, I counted last week and two days last week we had five people killed in Dallas on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, and all in separate incidents. Where are the tears? Where is the grief? Where is the fear of the Lord and the hearts to repent?

    I lead a teen edit group, all home schooled kiddos ages 14 to 17. I am amazed at the maturity of these kids. They are respectful. I never have to prompt them to get their pages in for edit. And they are eager to learn. Most of all they respect their parents and honor God. And all of them are prize winning writers and one is already published. Home schooling is the only way to raise children in these dark days.


    1. DiAne, it is a sad world we live in, full of troubles and grief, indeed.

      Of course, the bigger the population, the larger numbers killed, and I suppose the more concentrated folks feel, the more aggravated they become? Although it does seem the countryside is not immune, anymore, either.

      I believe people are numb to what is happening around us. I think God said that in the last days, hearts would be hard. That means callused, right? Maybe that’s what we are seeing.

      I think of that poor child’s parents, and just have to think of something else.

      A lot of the seeming immunity comes from living in a fantasy world where people believe it’ll never happen here. I see it all the time; we would have said that of Nickel Mines. I recently read of two separate schools in the same district have each had to arrest a molesting teacher. And yet the superintendent still thinks that will never happen in his schools.

      As if it hasn’t already, twice!

      And this is a man who claims Christ, deemingly a humble, hard-working man who just is living in a stupor.

      The Word also says in the last days, men would believe a delusion. Well…

      Yes, home schooling is better, much better, in most cases, while collective schooling is worse, in most cases, if not all cases. Even in home schools where the children are not learning as many good things as they might have (or might not have) in a common group, still, they are also not learning all about murder, drugs, theft, character assassination, gang warfare, etc.

      In my opinion that is a fair trade!

  3. My heart breaks for the mothers, fathers and siblings (not to mention the countless others) touched by these despicable tragedies. We have become completely desensitized as a society to these atrocities.
    The sad fact that school violence makes headlines and boosts the ratings of media outlets ensures that we will continue to have such sadness woven into our daily social fiber.
    We truly live in dark times, my friend. I was at the homeschool conference when my husband told me what happened. After I prayed for the child and for her family, I thanked God for leading us to homeschooling. I have reservations every morning when I drop my child at the front door of her school… and I breathe a sigh of relief each afternoon when I pick her up.
    My own mother asks me “why don’t you just have her ride the bus?” Because. That’s why. Because that’s just one more opportunity for “things” outside of my control to happen. Because that would equate to an additional hour of time where my sweet innocent baby would be exposed to heaven knows what.
    If only our collective tears could stop the violence, hatred and darkness. If only.
    Peace Be With You, Katharine.

    1. Well said, my friend! And you are wise to keep your little girl off the bus, where who-knows-what is going on and how sober is the driver…
      I sort of wonder what would happen if you just kept here home, right now… :-\

      1. I know. Don’t think I’m not chomping at the bit to just yank her out… we only have six weeks left, though, and something inside of me says I need to just have her stay and see it through- because we don’t quit things just because we aren’t totally satisfied with them. Perhaps that is wrong.
        She has a strong moral compass and we pray and talk about school vs home every day. She knows why we are switching to home school. We are doing a countdown together.
        Given our cross country move in August, and all of the changes that took place because of that transition, I think the best choice is just to plod through the last six weeks. We DID start studying Latin as a family last night, and we have incorporated “afterschooling” into our weekends.

        1. Oh, dear, I made you feel censured, but really, I just was wondering out loud!
          I think your decision must be your decision! That’s the beauty of it all–you can do whatever you think is best for your child and your family and all that. REALLY!
          You know I believe all families with children are home-teaching them at all times, even if they never have a formal class. 🙂 You are teaching her important things about contracts and also about anticipation and delayed gratification. You never knew! 😀 Love you! ❤

  4. My sons take some classes at a local charter school. Not too long ago, after the last school shooting, the school started drills in case a shooter came. These drills are part of all the schools where I live now. As I lay on the floor with my young son, my older boys somewhere else in the school, I thought to myself, “Why are we here?” I knew that I didn’t need to be spending this part of my day lying on the floor for a “shooter drill”. Not to mention my 9-year-old has a new awareness of this violence just by participating. My older sons told me they thought it was dumb. They said that they would be out the back door.

    And now this poor young girl. No gun.

    I also pray for the families and the friends. Sometimes I wonder how for some having that third car or those expensive vacations is more valuable then being with our kids, home educating. Being a 100% responsible for those lives we brought into this crazy world.

    God bless ~

    1. You are so right, MG! Thanks for this telling comment and WELCOME to Home’s Cool!

      There is nothing like experiencing what the children go through, from the vantage point of adulthood. Children are groomed into their slots, but after we escape (if we actually DO escape, mentally) into adulthood, it all becomes so different, so wasteful, so idiotic. I’m glad you can see what your older children can see: the price of enrichment might be dumb.

      Why, indeed, are we here?

      The answer is that common schools were invented to provide for kids whose parents were unable to provide them an education any other way, usually meaning they could not afford tuition to a private school or a governess. It was to be a stop-gap measure, not really a bad goal, with an added bonus of getting us all to speaking the same language, to unify our country.

      Not much of THAT going on, these days, eh? We’ve strayed so far from trying to help poor children by making sure they could grow up to read the Bible and vote intelligently.

      And the “combat training” children used to get in school was not for the purpose of evading fellow citizens!

      How far we’ve strayed! Now, living in a nearly gun-free state, children perhaps might better practice “knifer” drills . . .

  5. So many people have so many words on their hearts to share with you in the comments. I don’t. I can’t even fathom this kind of violence. Sigh…

    1. Sweet Tiff,
      I don’t think any of us really get it, but sometimes verbalizing helps people. I have a son who could never learn a thing unless he told me all about it, first. Then it would be more solid in his brain. I get it. But I get you, too. Overwhelmed is a good feeling in such a circumstance.

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