A fun gift of cranberry/cream cheese sauce!

Handmade Gifts from the Kitchen!

Well! There were requests for my Cranberry/Cream Cheese sauce recipe, so you will find it here! I’m guest posting, today, again, for Arkansas Women Bloggers. This time of year there is so much to share; they were kind enough to allow me two opportunities.

I love cooking. I love cooking for my loved ones. I love watching people I care about eat the food I’ve made. I love cooking and gifting food.

And I don’t mind sharing a recipe or two.

Amazingly Delicious Roast for GiftingThis time it’s two. One is the sauce, yes! The other is for an amazing, amazing roast that is totally easy to make, looks gorgeous, and tastes out of this world. Perfect for a carry-in dinner, or if you just need inspiration. It has a few preliminary steps, but nothing you cannot slip into your nightly routine, and after you’ve made it a time or two, you will get used to the steps and you will see how totally fun and simple this darling is.

Okay, go. 🙂

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