Pink Toilet Paper Is for Boys.

Dear Friends!

Have you ever had trouble believing you will survive raising boys? Especially boys who use the bathroom?

Help is on the way! Ha!

Read this funny story about how I got my boys to cooperate with the rest of the sane world, when it comes to bathroom etiquette, and ramp up your boy-knowledge a notch or two. 😀

❤ K

Another Medical Kidnapping of 7 Homeschoolers for Possession of Bleach!

Look here. How many of us have dangerous chemicals in our homes, such as very strong bleach? I know during our pool-owning days, we sure did. But these people have lost their seven children because of it. And they live about an hour from me. We simply have to stop this from happening to America!

Forget Frost on the Pumpkins!

Look what I got for frost on the pepper patch! Thanks to an abundant planting, careful tending, and a heavy frost, my son’s pepper patch yielded all these beauties, for the last pickin’. So glad to get them, as our pepper plants did poorly this year. Thanks, J&J! And thanks to the kiddos of theirsContinue reading “Forget Frost on the Pumpkins!”