On Top of NOT Spaghetti!

Where I guest post about another of my silly home-made recipes that I love… If you’re interested in catfish, at all, but resent firing up the huge fryer thing. Or if you are looking for yet another low-carb recipe. Or if you are totally bored with the usual and just want something different. And delicious!Continue reading “On Top of NOT Spaghetti!”

Wow. I Got Surprised Today!

I’ve been following Marianne Manthey for a while and commented recently on one of her group questions. That’s how things get started, friends! 🙂 Today I find myself quoted in a new publication she is producing, which you can find here. It’s blogging related, so off topic for me, but… Thanks, Marianne! ❤

The $5.00 Gift

My house is smiling. I gave it a gift that cost me only five dollars. It was gift-wrapped in dignity, grace, care, courage, and innovation. Now its eyes are bright and shiny with happiness. Making my gift one of those that gives both ways. So I had a perfect chance to guest-post about it forContinue reading “The $5.00 Gift”

How to Find Your True Love!

How did I know? How did I find the man of my dreams? As if looking for an outfit that I could not imagine, I told myself, “I’ll know him when I see him.” I hoped I was right. The first time I saw him, he was sitting down. I was standing up, and IContinue reading “How to Find Your True Love!”