Ever Been Slow to Get Back Up?

Today I break the mold. I have created a hot post! You can find it here! It’s a poem and still life of some hot stuff. Pay special attention to the contents of the little bottle. Ha. Hot! Hot! Hot! But it’s not. You know, it’s not that I don’t love you all. It’s notContinue reading “Ever Been Slow to Get Back Up?”

Nervous Yet?

… Where I share how I could’ve done better… You know how people often promote their blog sites by asking readers questions? The idea is that a question forces the mind to be more engaged, you know, and readers love answering questions. Well, Canadian Danny Iny takes it one further and asks his readers to come upContinue reading “Nervous Yet?”

My Spaghetti Farm Guest Post!

I have never shared my spaghetti sauce recipe with anyone but my own children. Today I break that practice. I hope you enjoy! The reason is that I have again been allowed the amazing privilege of guest posting at Farm Bureau’s blog site, thanks so much to Arkansas Women Bloggers! I share there, how toContinue reading “My Spaghetti Farm Guest Post!”

Woo Hoo! Follow My Big Guest Post!

Once in a while, you will meet folks who just really make you smile. Jim Bessey is one of those folks for me. Recently I commented on one of his posts at Danny Iny’s and Jim blew me away by asking me to expand my comment into a post on his fun site: So Write.Continue reading “Woo Hoo! Follow My Big Guest Post!”

Guestpost at Tiffany’s!

My friend, Tiffany’s blog site, that is! We’ve “known” each other a long time, but never met. She loves on new-born babies as they enter this harsh world, with total gentleness, I’m sure breaking the shock for the little ones she holds so dear. She loves on grown ups the same way. Which explains whyContinue reading “Guestpost at Tiffany’s!”