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Ever Been Slow to Get Back Up?

English: Lush Green Fallow Field, Darrington. ...
Lush Green Fallow Field, Darrington. Green, blue, red, wonderfully summery, rural colors. Dewy morning, overcast sky. Had wanted to take this picture on a bright, sunny day, but the dew gave the field a beautiful sparkle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I break the mold.

I have created a hot post!

You can find it here! It’s a poem and still life of some hot stuff. Pay special attention to the contents of the little bottle. Ha.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

But it’s not.

You know, it’s not that I don’t love you all. It’s not that I don’t love thinking, writing, and typing.

I’ll tell you what it is:

It is that almost all summer long, the outdoors has seemed like I should either have Spring Fever, or some kind of lovely Fall Melancholy.

I mean, the beautiful sky is raining and covered in a beautiful gray overcast, right now, as I type. It actually was almost cold last night.

My favorite weather, really.

Makes me poetic.

Anyway, the lovely ladies I agreed to write for scheduled me lo-o-ong ago, and we all assumed, for some reason, that when I posted in late July, the weather would be hot-hot-hot in the Deep South.

Hence the topic.

But it’s so lovely out, I just feel like sitting on the porch and looking at it.

Ever been there? Know how to get out of it? Help! Comment! Share!

Oh, and go read my guest post! That’ll wake me up!

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I Give Up!

If this post actually appears, it will be my last.

Until mid-September, that is.

I had ideas about what to say, here, but the skies are not friendly in the Deep South.

The local librarian tells me, “The clouds are crowded.” It’s her attempt at humor AND at explaining why even her computers are dysfunctional.

We keep getting the “can’t” page.

So the Internet has fallen down and scraped it’s knee and all it can do is boo hoo. Okay.

We’ll be totally busy here with our son’s wedding. That is a very good thing.

It’s finally raining on our world. That is a very good thing, too.

I have counseling notes to consolidate and a paper to compose — two more very good things.

All my floors are needing a good sweeping. It is a very good thing to have floors — many people in this world still do not.

The dryer is done. Very good on two counts: we now can put on socks and the electricity meter has stopped before going into orbit.

my mug
My Mug

I left my coffee mug by the stove and must get out of this seat for the next sip — glad I can walk, glad God made coffee.

‘Bye, now!

See ya in two weeks or so.

Or sooner, if the weekly photo challenge is too tempting.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Down – 3

We have a lot of dead trees after last summer’s drought and have been marking them for a sale. Since I was keeping the tally while someone else did all the work, I could spend time looking around. I have seen a LOT of trees.

Some of these poor things are real troopers and remind me of myself and some of my friends. They have been wounded down near their bases by ice storms, insects, buck deer, and other invaders of their quiet domain. I wonder if I am imagining things here, or if others can see themselves in these trees, too.

This first type is the sheltering type:

tiny home
Tiny Home Down Stairs

This tree will never make fine furniture grade. It is a humble, struggling entity, but has a spot to share with any other humble, struggling entity. Can’t you imagine a wee mouse family finding comfort here?

tunnel to safety
Tunnel Down to Safety

Here is another. Don’t you love the way this tree, though obviously dealt a heavy blow in early life, has risen to the occasion by developing an upward-reaching lifestyle in non-standard ways? It ‘s almost like a life motto: Always reach up!

And because of their flaws, they will never be part of a paladian palace. They may not even possess health enough to live as long as other trees.

But they do make a grand shelter from a snowy wind.

Down Spout

This one is similar, but look: Perhaps it was a bit older when it’s down days came, or the damage was heavier, but this one is able not only to help a bit larger creature, but also to provide guaranteed dryness during storms. Who couldn’t use a friend like that!

But here is my favorite:

drama queen
Drama Queen

I knew I remembered this one and looked a long time to find it for you. I named it “Drama Queen” because of that look of surprise all over it. I imagine a friend I normally would not hang with a lot, because she is loud and pushy. Yet, I know I am safe with her and if I needed anything, big or small, she would be so glad to help me, to draw me in with what might seem like five or six arms, and would have a large base of resources to draw from.

Wounded? Yes, they all are.

Fine, straight, high dollar? Nope.

Just invaluable to someone and absolutely necessary in this ol’ life.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Down – 2

down under the water
Down. Under the Water

Looking into this clear stream and viewing the pebbles on the sand so surprised me. I seldom think on how much is hiding below the water, below the surface.

How easy to notice the reflection of glorious cloud billows and soaring trees, shimmering on the surface! How delightful the sparkles that wink into view and then dance away!

How common to love the outward appearance of the stream.

But to look down, to concentrate on what’s beyond the first impression, to stare deeply at what makes the stream a stream–that is like God.

When, upon looking, we find courser things such as mud, sand, dead leaves, gravel, what then?

Why! Then, elevating! Elevating grit and pebbles to positions of great importance!

For without them lying still, working their quiet work, the dancing sparkles become quagmire.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Oh, the peace that comes when the land is well-watered!

After 5 months of little or no rain, this site makes us all smile, here. Running directly through my good friend’s back yard, and a favorite site for local photographers, one of whom lives just out of view, here:

liquid peace
Liquid Peace

We rest from irrigating and watering livestock. We rest from feeding winter’s hay in fall. We are at peace. And we are glad.