Ever Been Slow to Get Back Up?

Today I break the mold. I have created a hot post! You can find it here! It’s a poem and still life of some hot stuff. Pay special attention to the contents of the little bottle. Ha. Hot! Hot! Hot! But it’s not. You know, it’s not that I don’t love you all. It’s notContinue reading “Ever Been Slow to Get Back Up?”

Been Muddin’

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge I just returned from a ladies’ conference on top of a beautiful mountain in Arkansas with outstanding scenery. It was raining. But that’s not all. The road up the side of this mountain is normally composed of the natural rock we naturally find under the scant soil of mountainsides.  ThisContinue reading “Been Muddin’”

I Give Up!

If this post actually appears, it will be my last. Until mid-September, that is. I had ideas about what to say, here, but the skies are not friendly in the Deep South. The local librarian tells me, “The clouds are crowded.” It’s her attempt at humor AND at explaining why even her computers are dysfunctional.Continue reading “I Give Up!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down – 3

We have a lot of dead trees after last summer’s drought and have been marking them for a sale. Since I was keeping the tally while someone else did all the work, I could spend time looking around. I have seen a LOT of trees. Some of these poor things are real troopers and remind meContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down – 3”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down – 2

Looking into this clear stream and viewing the pebbles on the sand so surprised me. I seldom think on how much is hiding below the water, below the surface. How easy to notice the reflection of glorious cloud billows and soaring trees, shimmering on the surface! How delightful the sparkles that wink into view and thenContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down – 2”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Oh, the peace that comes when the land is well-watered! After 5 months of little or no rain, this site makes us all smile, here. Running directly through my good friend’s back yard, and a favorite site for local photographers, one of whom lives just out of view, here: We rest from irrigating and wateringContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful”