Once a Month Habit

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Once a month I take a trip to the big city to visit my eye doctor. He’s an expert at helping people keep their eyesight, and he knows one important factor in his job is to check my blood pressure. After my visit, I make another visit, this time to myContinue reading “Once a Month Habit”

Seven Steps to Stop the Sneezing!

I have noticed it’s that time of year again–lots of searches leading to this one again. Enjoy.   Itchy eyes, ears, nose, throat; runny eyes, nose; stuffy nose; and cough are just a few of the delights that visit us each year, if we are among the pollen afflicted. It’s Fall Fever. This is aContinue reading “Seven Steps to Stop the Sneezing!”

Meet a New Coffee-Loving Friend Today

Just met a new blogger, a young missionary in Czech Republic. So far, what he has written is great reading. Thought you’d enjoy taking a peek and wishing him well. Here he is: ______________ Divine Addiction I don’t think it’s a very big secret that I love coffee. Like for real, I have a seriousContinue reading “Meet a New Coffee-Loving Friend Today”

I Give Up!

If this post actually appears, it will be my last. Until mid-September, that is. I had ideas about what to say, here, but the skies are not friendly in the Deep South. The local librarian tells me, “The clouds are crowded.” It’s her attempt at humor AND at explaining why even her computers are dysfunctional.Continue reading “I Give Up!”

The Keys in the Car Caper

“You can tell it any way you want to, but you did it.” Those were my husband’s parting words to me, administered with an ornery grin. Oh yeah. I did it. I went to town (partly to run errands for him) and when I accidentally left my keys in the car, I also accidentally lockedContinue reading “The Keys in the Car Caper”