3 Best Times to Begin a Project

Ever wonder when would be the best time to begin a new project? I do that from time to time. And when we spend a great deal of time deciding when to begin, we are wasting time. Wouldn’t it help to have a plan for when to begin a project? Yes it would. We oftenContinue reading “3 Best Times to Begin a Project”


Okay, it’s later now. When I was raising children, my answer to the eternal question about my work phone number — you know, the question that implies you are a check-forger if you do not have a separate work phone number — was: “I am self-employed, so the phone number is the same.” Always gotContinue reading “Later”

God’s Dishonor Roll

I wonder how many have never done anything wrong. How many could stand before God and say, “I have never made a mistake. I have never failed at anything.”? The truth is that we’ve all made mistakes, experienced failure, sinned, falling short of God‘s plan, God’s intention for us. For all have sinned and fall shortContinue reading “God’s Dishonor Roll”

The Gift of Laundry

Did a bit of pioneering work today, and it was a fun challenge. Basically, I had to haul water in a bucket to do laundry. Oh, it’s not like it sounds. We have city water piped into our house and a faucet near the washing machine. But the hot water tank that feeds the washerContinue reading “The Gift of Laundry”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

These men are waiting. They may look like they are quite active, but I know them. One is 80 years old, and the other is not far behind him. They devote their days to making improvements they will never enjoy, such as planting trees on Arbor Day. They do enjoy much of it, though. TheContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting”