Friends Like Jesus – A Guest Post

A couple of years ago, I read Katharine’s series on friendship. This blog series triggered some major self-reflection and prayer. It arrived at a time when I was struggling with too many commitments to too many people, and was finding myself utterly drained, and struggling with guilt that I could not be everything to everyone.Continue reading “Friends Like Jesus – A Guest Post”

What is your phobia?

I write on Arkansas Women Bloggers’ Website, today, about what used to be my phobia, and once you read it, you will know why it was my fear and how I got rid of it. For more excitement you can read some of my posts about fear: The Near Disaster The Traumatic “What If” The SolutionContinue reading “What is your phobia?”

Check It Out!

I’m rather excited, here . . . A lovely home schooling mom has invited me to guest post at her place, A Homeschool Mom and will published my work, today. The topic? “The one thing I did not know, and wish someone had told me, about home schooling.” I had fun with it and wish youContinue reading “Check It Out!”

Guest Post: The 20,000th Visitor!

Cristina from The Homeschool Mom Blog  left a “like” here, yesterday, and started the bells ringing and whistles blowing, as she was our 20,000th visitor. I am sure she felt surprised, as I was not certain if, or how, I should commemorate this fact, or even if I might not wait all day for one more visitorContinue reading “Guest Post: The 20,000th Visitor!”