What Entraps You?

What do you like more than you like your family? That’s it.

What do you think of when your mind is on auto-pilot? That’s it.

Whatever you do that divides you from any member of your family. That’s it.

  • Making a grocery list during the sermon? Entrapped by productivity?
  • Emailing while husband talks to you? Entrapped by social media?
  • Bending the truth? Entrapped by making a good appearance?
  • Ruining your health for no good reason? Entrapped by sugar or leisure?
  • Zoning out when others are talking? Entrapped by vain imaginations?

Truth (Photo credit: 22nyharborparks)

Okay, sometimes we find the truth divides. It’s okay to do the truth and cause division, when you cannot avoid division because of the truth.

It is not okay to:

  • beat people with the truth for no reason
  • redefine the truth for false motives
  • lie and pretend it is truth
  • tell yourself there is no hope
  • enjoy the division

We have so many reasons to prefer division, it’s a wonder anyone still has a family!

The best definer I ever heard of Christianity is: relationship.

Every relationship has the potential to be a picture of Christianity; every broken relationship is a tragedy.

Breaking the family is the greatest tragedy.

Why do we go there so willingly?

  • Family (katharinetrauger.wordpress.com)

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