What would your mother do? Encourage.

What can one mom even do to make a difference? We moms need to know this. Here’s the next part of a short series about all the huge little things moms do. It’s not a contest, but let’s all tell about our memories of those little things that mean so much, that only moms knowContinue reading “What would your mother do? Encourage.”

10,080 Minutes Very Near Hell

Where is the place that is very near hell? It is the apex, the place where ascent weakens to the weakest possible point, the beginning of the end, the molecule of time before the descent. It is a place of deep sorrow and pain. It is a place of helplessness and confusion. It is aContinue reading “10,080 Minutes Very Near Hell”

Wrapped in Nothing But a Bedsheet?

The powers-that-be have just dragged her from the bed of a man to whom she is not married. Perhaps all she is wearing is a bedsheet. Perhaps he is one of the powers-that-be. Nevertheless, there she stands, exposed, before her authorities. They do not care about her. They do not care about right or wrong.Continue reading “Wrapped in Nothing But a Bedsheet?”