Should an Ill Mother Have Any Rights?

A most horrific case of the State taking over in a family’s life, stripping them of all rights! Read this introduction and please click through to see the whole outrageous and terrifying story: Even Sick Mothers Have Rights HSLDA Seeks Justice for Mom Accused of Faking Her Kids’ Illness When parents have a sick child,Continue reading “Should an Ill Mother Have Any Rights?”

How to Kick that Soda Pop Can on Down the Road

It’s an addiction. That’s not a fun thing to hear, but I know you want the truth. And I’m not just talking about the caffeine or the sugar. We all hear more every day about how bad carbonated beverages are for us, just for the carbonation, let alone all the fakefood ingredients. It’s a wonderContinue reading “How to Kick that Soda Pop Can on Down the Road”


Tuesday, around noon, Beth and her husband were chatting on the sofa.She started having trouble forming her words and controlling her right hand. Her husband would not normally have been home but was sick so had stayed home from work (thankful for a sinus infection). He called 911. They got her to the hospital nearbyContinue reading “Beth”

Cabin Fever and Its Cure

Stuck. Many people have been stuck inside all day for many days. Many people and their children have been stuck  inside all day for many days. Results? CABIN FEVER The symptoms can look like a dread disease and fool even the wisest of moms: Lethargy Depression Loss of appetite It’s enough to make a momContinue reading “Cabin Fever and Its Cure”

Seven Steps to Stop the Sneezing!

I have noticed it’s that time of year again–lots of searches leading to this one again. Enjoy.   Itchy eyes, ears, nose, throat; runny eyes, nose; stuffy nose; and cough are just a few of the delights that visit us each year, if we are among the pollen afflicted. It’s Fall Fever. This is aContinue reading “Seven Steps to Stop the Sneezing!”

Well, well, well!

Okay, friends and family: Today my eye doctor pronounced my left eye “PERFECT!”, according to the ultrasound they did. I am excited, as was he. I think he felt pretty proud of himself for being part of returning health to my left eye. He also said, “IF we can get it to HOLD…” meaning ifContinue reading “Well, well, well!”