STORMS for Friday!

Meteor Storm, That Is! The prediction of a possible 15-20 meteors every minute for late Friday night, May 23, and early Saturday morning, May 24, excites everyone who’s ever stayed up to watch the night sky. DO let it inspire you to stay up, for the first time, if you never have before. To find the stormContinue reading “STORMS for Friday!”

How to Kick that Soda Pop Can on Down the Road

It’s an addiction. That’s not a fun thing to hear, but I know you want the truth. And I’m not just talking about the caffeine or the sugar. We all hear more every day about how bad carbonated beverages are for us, just for the carbonation, let alone all the fakefood ingredients. It’s a wonderContinue reading “How to Kick that Soda Pop Can on Down the Road”

Do You Object to Purity?

Pure water waterfalls…(Explored) (Photo credit: Pan.101) What in the World?! People object to the idea of purity. Objecting to purity is the main reason people reject the Bible and declare it irrelevant. Why? They don’t want to be pure. They want to do what they want. And This Matters Because…? A lack of purity inContinue reading “Do You Object to Purity?”