STORMS for Friday!

Meteor Storm, That Is!

The prediction of a possible 15-20 meteors every minute for late Friday night, May 23, and early Saturday morning, May 24, excites everyone who’s ever stayed up to watch the night sky. DO let it inspire you to stay up, for the first time, if you never have before.

To find the storm in the night sky, just look at Polaris, the North Star, which you may find by tracing a line straight “up” from the front two stars of the Big Dipper–the two stars that form the front of the dipper.  Or just face north and look up. You won’t be able to miss it.

Scientists predict the best time to be at the hour that is midnight in California or 4 a.m. in New York. Do your own math, there.

The fact that most excites me is the prediction of many fireballs and bolides. Check out this Website for cool graphics and information about those.

Won’t you join us!

For ideas on how best to make this happen, try this routine:

  1. Select, in advance, an unlit place to view this glorious sight. An open field away from civilization would be good. Your own house, with a couple of street lights blaring, not so good.
  2. Explain the plan to your children before you put them to bed. Go over a few pieces of child-appropriate science on the topic and answer questions. A globe might help. Don’t let them be scared; let your excitement sparkle as you explain the beauty and awesomeness of the event.
  3. Put them to bed in outdoor-friendly clothing, just this once.
  4. SET YOUR ALARM for 1/2 hour early. It takes awhile to get everything all around. Why miss a single event?
  5. Rise on time, fix plenty of hot cocoa, or whatever warm drink you’d like them to have. Gather flashlights, sweaters, blankets, lawn chairs, bug spray, etc. and load into car if you have to drive to an unlit place.
  6. Wake the children and bumble them outdoors or into the car. Set up your night-sky-watching station and begin the fun. It should be every bit as much fun as watching a fireworks display on July 4, but not as convenient an hour.
  7. Be sure to explain to your children that most of the world will not get to view this because it will be daylight everywhere else when it arrives.

Have a wonderful time! I cannot wait!


How to Kick that Soda Pop Can on Down the Road

Pouring out cola death for a loved one?It’s an addiction.

That’s not a fun thing to hear, but I know you want the truth.

And I’m not just talking about the caffeine or the sugar.

We all hear more every day about how bad carbonated beverages are for us, just for the carbonation, let alone all the fakefood ingredients. It’s a wonder we aren’t all sick and dying of weird stuff.

Wait. Half of us are, right?

It is so hard! But you can do it.*

Okay. The best way to get off is to go in stages, in my opinion. Here are the stages I found helped me.

  1. Kick the caffeine, first. If you are drinking pop with caffeine, switch to non-caffeinated. Why? Because of all the addictions offered up in these drinks, caffeine is the easiest to break. It’s not that caffeine is bad. It can even save your life, But to kick the soda can, you need to drop the caffeinated sodas and if you need caffeine, find another source such as coffee, tea, or chocolate or just do without and save caffeine for when you really need it, or special occasions. Such as mornings!
    Dropping caffeine, cold turkey, will give you a mild headache–easily treatable with low doses of pain reliever–and lethargy, for about 3 days. That’s it!
    We have a few long weekends coming up, soon . . .
  2. Kick the aspartame. Why? It is the worst part of pop, if you drink sugar-free. Recent research is revealing that habitually consuming aspartame can cause tendencies to heart attack and stroke, and eventually will sabotage weight loss. You can switch to caffeine-free pop or tea that is sweetened with stevia. Or you can drink unsweetened tea, which develops it’s own sweet taste once you no longer are drowning yourself in sweetener.
    Think about it. Aspartame has a mile-long list of bad effects, and is addictive.
    The withdrawal symptomswhich will last around 21 days, include a headache in the middle of the forehead. mood swings, and flu symptoms. You’ve been drinking poison all the time, after all.
    You will sleep better, and feel better all over, if you go through this.
  3. Kick the addiction to something sweet or carb-loaded going down all the time. Why? The tendency toward constant self-gratification is not good for us, and when it comes to sugar, it leads to diabetes.The addiction, though, is what has gotten us all in this boat, in the first place. God made sweet things, yes, but He also cautions against gluttony. I wonder why.
    To kick the need for sweets, merely stop eating sugar and starches. You may think I’m joking, but I am not. That will kill the entire problem. Drop all foods with sugar, starch, or sweeteners of any kind. Allow yourself only 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. It will take about 21 days of truth-telling to yourself, to manage this, because sugar is a true addiction, too. Many other addictions are based on it, such as addiction to alcohol, to chocolate, and to bread or potatoes.
    Sugar/starch withdrawal symptoms include: Deep cravings for anything with carbohydrates in it, almost overwhelming lethargy, mood swings, and self-lying. Yes, you will lie to yourself and your body will lie to you, telling you that you are about to die for lack of a huge glass of orange juice, or some such. Just drink a huge glass of water and rest for awhile. The craving will pass, only to return. After three or four days, you will have overcome the feeling of dying and will be able to recognize the cravings for the lies they are.

But here is the final and big reason for kicking sugars/starches out the door: They feed cancer.

That’s right: Many cancers cannot survive if they don’t get their sugar high. Starve them away as best you can, while they are yet too small to detect. Your doctor does not know this or has not connected the dots, but you can and should drop sugars and carbohydrates, at least for 21 days. After that, you will be able to feel when you’ve had too much and will be able to control yourself much better, and even to digest the natural sugars in fruits much better. So drop sugar.

And Nutra-Sweet/Aspartame.

And Sucralose.

At least.


*Especially if your health is unstable, please ask an intelligent and sympathetic doctor to monitor your health while you drop these addictions! I am not a doctor, but have quoted several doctors, above. I just know how great it feels to be addiction-free, and hope you will find this same great feeling, too.

Do You Object to Purity?

Pure water waterfalls...(Explored)
Pure water waterfalls…(Explored) (Photo credit: Pan.101)

What in the World?!

People object to the idea of purity.

Objecting to purity is the main reason people reject the Bible and declare it irrelevant.


They don’t want to be pure.

They want to do what they want.

And This Matters Because…?

A lack of purity in those around us causes many of our problems.

Failures in the realm of purity cause the following:

  1. STDs and AIDS
  2. Prostitution
  3. Divorce
  4. Rape, often in conjunction with murder
  5. Kidnapping
  6. Child slavery
  7. Pornography
  8. et plus

Look at Ms Smiley and shudder. (Okay, well, don’t…)

Can You Allow God an Opinion?

God wants what is best for us and what will give us the greatest fulfillment in life. Therefore, the Bible provides strong teaching against sex outside marriage, and marriage being between a man and woman.

Where at one time (a brief time as history goes), having sexual relations outside of marriage (impurity) was considered liberating, current studies show that it:

  1. damages one’s ability to trust
  2. wounds future relationships
  3. destroys one’s respect for self
  4. diminishes the ability to make right decisions
  5. lowers one’s respect for health
  6. points to the end of a culture.

So God is Fun?

The Bible is relevant concerning the building of a strong, supportive, fulfilling, family life–building fun.

Fun, good childhood memories, not tragic memories.

The Bible is relevant for entering into the most important human relationship of choice, a lifelong spouse, with the ability to commit fully, and much more deeply than you have ever committed to another person in your life.

Fun, good relationships, not guilt-bound relationships.





Purity before and during marriage is now known to be a crucial part of that.

And it’s something many will miss out on because they deemed the Bible irrelevant to themselves.

So, Why Haven’t We Heard of This Research?

Just look here:

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