If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Pollen

I know, today is Thursday. But I can assure you, the clouds have been crowded, lately. With huge yellow clouds of pollen in the sky. No kidding. So now that we’ve had an entire INCH of rain, we’re all better. Whew. Even breathing better. In case you’ve missed this before, here’s what to do ifContinue reading “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Pollen”

Pompoms and Bonbons

They Kind of Go Together Have you ever studied how sugars give us quick energy? I did, in 7th grade, which happened several decades ago, for me. Several decades. I had to memorize the benefits of various components of normal foods and other things we might eat that are not normal foods, to pass aContinue reading “Pompoms and Bonbons”


At times far more effective than words, an adult’s body language helps a child develop intelligence. Instead of saying “good job,” the mother reaches for her tiny fingers, slightly presses her forehead to the little girl’s and gives her a pretend smooch. The action is simple, but it communicates her tenderness and support effectively. ReadContinue reading “Intrinsic.”