Do You Have Silver Ties?

An old friend and I have recently resumed our friendship, due to our moving very close to each other. We consider it a Providential thing.

I was enchanted with this property of ours, especially the many springs on it, one of which was dammed up to cause this very beautiful pond:

Our Pond

Our Pond

My friend moved to her place partly because of the amazingly beautiful creek running through the lower half of it:

My Friend's Creek

My Friend’s Creek

Recently, though, we learned that my tiny tributaries, including the run-off from my pond, all flow into her creek via this very small rivulet:

Coming down from my pond

Coming down from my pond

The End.


I hope you enjoyed these three shots of the silver thread that connects two friends.


Turn on the light!

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Photos below text, this time.

I love antiques.

I guess because I am one.

My favorite era is the Craftsman Style era, when everything here was made here, with pride in craftsmanship.

Like this lamp, which still works.

I love the frankly simple style, complete with wooden finials, top and bottom.

I love the drum shade, which casts light on the ceiling for ambiance, and direct light for reading.

I love how although it houses two bulbs, they work independently and intuitively and gently and quietly.

I love that it also houses a clock, and that I’ve found a good, old-fashioned, USA-made, clock-repair person.

I love that it weighs about forty pounds (18 or so kg), so it cannot tip over.

I love how it is all browns.

Yes, I love American antiques, which may be one reason I love Thanksgiving more than any other holiday:

  • American
  • Crafted with care
  • Still works
  • Preserved over the ages
  • Simple
  • Casting light
  • Independent
  • Adaptable
  • Gentle
  • Quiet
  • Timely yet old-fashioned
  • Weighty
  • Invincible
  • Brown

I cannot wait for next year. It will be better yet.

Turn on the light.

Turn on the light.

Bottom finials on chains

Bottom finials on chains

Matching finial on shade.

Matching finial on shade.

Good light is so important.

So Totally Unexpected

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Went down to the guest house to clean a bit. Family is coming and knew the floors were needing a good going over. Also counter-tops. And then I would make beds and be all ready for everyone.


Discovered a bird had somehow (?) gotten trapped in there and in its desperation to escape had done the following:

Unexpected finding!

Unexpected finding!

Bless the poor thing’s heart! I am sure the terror of its situation was nearly unbearable. And now I get to sew and wash cinder-block walls and all sorts of fun. Whew!

May not post for a while!

Once a Month Habit

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Once a month I take a trip to the big city to visit my eye doctor. He’s an expert at helping people keep their eyesight, and he knows one important factor in his job is to check my blood pressure.

After my visit, I make another visit, this time to my favorite eatery, Julie’s Deli.

Get the Julie's Deli Habit!

Get the Julie’s Deli Habit!

And if my blood pressure tested really good, I reward myself there, with coffee and dessert.

Today, I had pecan pie.

Because the cheesecake was all gone.

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Can You See Your Horizon?

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

We live in a lovely spot on the side of a forested hill. I cannot see the horizon from my house, much, because millions of lovely trees block the view.

However, in the winter when the leaves have dropped, the view changes drastically.

Winter Horizon

Winter Horizon

As with the cycles of the seasons, so with the cycles of life. As I age, I can see things I never dreamed were there.

As my peers age, they see more, too.

You could say we can see the forest, for the trees.

They say wisdom comes with age. I hope it. But trust me, I’ve seen the horizon, and it’s really out there.

Wait for it.

Hope for it.

Look for it.