Habit Training in Children

What a great confirmation of what I always suspected!

Happily Occupied Homebodies

Every day, every hour

When I first heard the term ‘habit training’ as I was exploring the Charlotte Mason method of education, I thought to myself, “Hmmm.  That’s an interesting way to put it.”  I already knew the importance of child training — that a child left to himself is a disgrace. (Proverbs 29:15 NIV)  I had just never thought of it as habit training.

Why Habit Training

Habits are inevitable.  We really are creatures of habit.  The question is not whether we are forming habits, but rather what kind of habits.  Without trying, we easily slip into the behavior and thought patterns that come most naturally to us.  As we do them more and more, they become a well-worn path in our minds, and we behave and think in those ways subconsciously.

All this is a good thing to a certain degree.  If we had to stop and deliberate about every little thing we…

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Grab a tissue and READ! Beautiful! This is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Ruth Bailey, artist

This was one of the watercolor paintings I presented at the concert by the New Score Chamber Orchestra last night.  It is based on the composition by Frederic Glesser, Summer Nights Passing.

Before going to the concert, I had written up some comments about each of the pictures I was presenting, but there was no appropriate place to post them in the venue.  My story for this piece was as follows:

Up to now, I have only heard a recording of this piece, so I eagerly look forward to tonight’s performance of Frederic Glesser’s Summer Nights Passing.  (Live music, like art, conveys so much more than a recording or a reproduction!)  His serene melodic lines evoke for me a nostalgia which I have represented by the carefree feeling of a child on a firefly filled evening.

I did not know that Mr. Glesser had written program notes for…

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