The A-OK Breakfast – Blueberry Vanilla Spice Zabaglione!

Zabaglione is an Italian dessert that is supposed to be just this side of cooked eggs. I like being sure about such things, so my recipe for it will vary from what the very best cookbooks say. That is okay with me. Cooking just a few seconds longer gives me peace of mind. Let thisContinue reading “The A-OK Breakfast – Blueberry Vanilla Spice Zabaglione!”

The A-OK Breakfast – Good Ol’ Bacon and Eggs!

Many of us grew up on good ol’ bacon and eggs breakfasts and just the thought brings back such good memories. Yet, I wonder how many know how it’s really done, how to put the sizzle into it without having steam coming out of their ears. Start with a cold fry pan and crowd the baconContinue reading “The A-OK Breakfast – Good Ol’ Bacon and Eggs!”