One Last Peek at the Peeps!

Oh they’ve grown! Their little necks are longer.

Longer necks!
Longer necks!

Many more feathers have sprouted.

Many more feathers
Many more feathers

And I’ve seen a comb or two!


I think I’ll get off the chickie topic now. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

Another Chick Check!

Here they are today.

Look at how much their little wing feathers have grown!

And what else do you notice?

Tail feathers!

Go, Chickies, Go! 😀

Wings and Tails!
Wings and Tails!
More Wings and Tails
More Wings and Tails

And they are trying to fly, already! Hmm…

More on the Chickies!

After several hours, these new babes are already putting on wing feathers! Just see!

Five-day-old chick. Buff Orpington variety.
Five-day-old chick. Buff Orpington variety.

Just had to share with those who never get to see or enjoy chicks. They weigh about like picking up a wad of cotton–almost nothing. But hidden inside them, given enough feed, etc., lies the beautifully mysterious potential to become five to eight pounds. About half are hens.

They are much stronger today than they were yesterday. Had to bathe one baby bottom, today, (five, yesterday) and the poor thing nearly got a full bath, it struggled so. 🙂 Did not photograph that one because it is having a bad hair day right now. However, the temp is 90 degrees in their little brooder pen and things dry very quickly there.

The sixteen of them have drunk a whole quart of water. Good babies!

We chose the Buff Orpington variety on the advice of a good friend in the B&B business.

Well, the Coons Got Us Again.

As a counselor and a retired professional mom, I must say:

Coon!Raccoons are incorrigible wasters, ruiners of all things good, heartless beasts that care neither about boundaries nor animal rights. Their ability and seeming desire to inflict gross horror is limitless.

As people who tend six hens, our job was keeping them safe at night in their own warm place during the past winter, and one we did not mind at all. In fact, I found myself enjoying the challenge and making sure my hennies had fun treats to ease their trials during the cold. I carried all sorts of tidbits down the hill to them, through all sorts of weather, and thawed their water tank I-don’t-know-how-many times, even adding sugar to it, to assure meeting their energy needs. I literally had one of them eating from my hand.

And that one is among the five survivors, I’m glad to say.

We lost one, in a most horrific way, which I will not detail here.

Chicken coop, Sabine Farms, Marshall, Texas
Chicken coop, Sabine Farms, Marshall, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I had nearly to rebuild our chicken coop and to visit them often, really often. Hourly. And they were terrified, of course, and were slow to re-learn their trust of me.

Today, though, when they hear my footsteps approaching their little home, although they still grow very still, as if trying to be unnoticeable, if I call out to them, they answer me with seeming great excitement.

And another one is learning to eat from my hand.

That feels good.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Do Get Fresh with Me!

fresh beet greens
Fresh Beet Greens

We grow these babies because they are so delicious steamed and buttered.

With a crop like this, we can make only about five meals, since they greatly reduce in volume while cooking.

These are the thinnings from a row planted too thickly, on purpose, to allow for this rare delicacy on our table. The rest will grow into regular beets and the tough tops will go to our chickens.

We’ll all be munching happily!


Another Brave Huntress Story!

Portrait of a raccoon. the picture was taken i...
Image via Wikipedia

. . . AGAIN!

You know, of course, this means another ‘coon after our girlies . . .

Well, we were not home, but it happened again.

And a certain brave young lady, a true huntress at heart, who’d agreed to watch our house and tend our sweet, helpless, innocent chickens (see them here) in our absence, found a disturbing set of occurrences, just as I had found earlier this week.

The difference?

This gal is always packin’.

And she knows what to do.

And she took care of business, as per our instructions.

And I wish I could be like her.

And I owe her a certain favorite pie of her choosing.

And I am asking you, loyal readers, to HOUND me until I make her that pie.

(No photo with RECIPE? It didn’t happen!)