How Homeschool Kids Measure Up

Fascinating stuff, here, although I’m not too crazy about the wording in spots. Great graphics!

The Faery Inn

I saw this graphic shared, and expected it to make me feel a bit worthless, because none of my children are prodigies or geniuses. I feel like there is this stereotype that all homeschool kids have to blow their public school counterparts out of the water, academically speaking.

Well, it turns out that homeschooled kids do very, very well. I wouldn’t expect less of my children, no matter where they receive their education (and that may change from year to year). Still, it’s encouraging to see that most homeschooled kids tend to do much better than the average bear.

Honestly, I didn’t choose homeschool for my children because of the academics. I didn’t choose to homeschool them to protect them from the peer pressure and perceived dangers of public school. I didn’t choose homeschool because my religion demands it (it doesn’t, by the way). I didn’t choose it so I…

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