This time last year…

…I had just finished posting three essays on gifts. Lot of folks liked them, so, here they are again, easy to find, for you to enjoy. Be a Gift The Gift of Peace The Gift of Poverty The Gifts of the Magi Then, the year before, a similar series, including the following: The Best GiftContinue reading “This time last year…”

What to do…what to do…

…And how to decide… Once, long ago, my adorable grandchildren spent a week with me while their mother steam cleaned carpets throughout their house. I had many plans for fun activities and the first day went marvelously. Until bedtime. At bedtime, one of my sweeties began noticing the unfamiliarity of everything, and how Mom and Dad wereContinue reading “What to do…what to do…”

Ode to a Wringer Washer

The second-most-viewed post on my site. I cannot figure this, but have loved seeing nearly every week, someone else coming to read this. Have fun. My gramma had a laundry wringer. And for a while, so did my mom. I always loved these machines that squeezed the water out of clothing so graphically and intriguingly.Continue reading “Ode to a Wringer Washer”

One Mom’s Description

I couldn’t believe my eyes and my mouth hung open while I read this. Then the chuckling began and grew until I was laughing too loudly for the library. This is great! Found on the Internet: A woman named Emily, renewing her driver’s license at the County Clerk’s office, encountered a woman recorder demanding to know her occupation.Continue reading “One Mom’s Description”

I have a confession to make . . .

 . . . I didn’t watch the Olympics. At all. Oh, well, one night while we enjoyed fajitas at the local restaurant, their T.V. was on and we saw a couple of guys dive. They were good. But . . . . . . I felt my blood pressure rising and just decided to beContinue reading “I have a confession to make . . .”