My. Oh. My!

Just found the most beautifully-written essay by a 12-year-old, Katie Bayer. Take a peek:

Here, I watch the pale morning sun as it plays golden shafts of light on the ground, livening the crisp, fall-time air….
Leaves lazily strum the air as it passes, playfully blowing tendrils of loose hair around my face and bringing the faint, melodic call of a care-free bird to my ears….

You’re going to be drawn IN to this child’s writing: Adult writers of the world BEWARE.

And if you just need another reason to hop on over to this site, the post also includes her mom’s darling, amazing decorated cookies that anyone could make in a flash. We’re talking totally easy decorating, here, with astonishingly artistic effects.

Okay, you’re not going to believe it unless you see it, so just GO.