Well, the Coons Got Us Again.

As a counselor and a retired professional mom, I must say: Raccoons are incorrigible wasters, ruiners of all things good, heartless beasts that care neither about boundaries nor animal rights. Their ability and seeming desire to inflict gross horror is limitless. As people who tend six hens, our job was keeping them safe at nightContinue reading “Well, the Coons Got Us Again.”

The Last Bouquet

Traces. Old roses, pouring out a Springtime show, a last reaching for the sun, blooming, rich scented musk, and we inhale delight. Tomorrow we will be satisfied with the damp, spent fragrance of fading roses, and gather spent and fallen petals to dry and save for dark places that welcome old scent. Their baby cousins left outdoorsContinue reading “The Last Bouquet”

Germ Warfare – 3 Plus Recipes!

A friend and I were discussing blanching before freezing when she asked, “Do you have to?” In an emergency, many foods you ordinarily would first prepare, you may freeze raw and untreated. Don’t expect them, though, to last over three months because blanching destroys the enzymes that induce ripening. Some vegetables, when not blanched, will continue maturing,Continue reading “Germ Warfare – 3 Plus Recipes!”

Use Your Freezer, part 3

So, what else can we do with a deep freeze? Plenty. My favorite trick with it is freezing hamburger meat. Cooked. That’s right, I cook ground beef and then freeze it. Whenever it is on sale, I buy however much I can afford, stir and fry until crumbly, huge pans of it with onion, salt,Continue reading “Use Your Freezer, part 3”