Ever Been Slow to Get Back Up?

English: Lush Green Fallow Field, Darrington. ...

Lush Green Fallow Field, Darrington. Green, blue, red, wonderfully summery, rural colors. Dewy morning, overcast sky. Had wanted to take this picture on a bright, sunny day, but the dew gave the field a beautiful sparkle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I break the mold.

I have created a hot post!

You can find it here! It’s a poem and still life of some hot stuff. Pay special attention to the contents of the little bottle. Ha.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

But it’s not.

You know, it’s not that I don’t love you all. It’s not that I don’t love thinking, writing, and typing.

I’ll tell you what it is:

It is that almost all summer long, the outdoors has seemed like I should either have Spring Fever, or some kind of lovely Fall Melancholy.

I mean, the beautiful sky is raining and covered in a beautiful gray overcast, right now, as I type. It actually was almost cold last night.

My favorite weather, really.

Makes me poetic.

Anyway, the lovely ladies I agreed to write for scheduled me lo-o-ong ago, and we all assumed, for some reason, that when I posted in late July, the weather would be hot-hot-hot in the Deep South.

Hence the topic.

But it’s so lovely out, I just feel like sitting on the porch and looking at it.

Ever been there? Know how to get out of it? Help! Comment! Share!

Oh, and go read my guest post! That’ll wake me up!

Woo Hoo! Follow My Big Guest Post!

Winter tree full of crows, against overcast skyOnce in a while, you will meet folks who just really make you smile. Jim Bessey is one of those folks for me.

Recently I commented on one of his posts at Danny Iny’s and Jim blew me away by asking me to expand my comment into a post on his fun site: So Write. Us.

What could I say? Had to do it. So, I have added to the great collection already posted at So Write. Us, with my meanderings about writers who kill their readers. You’ll love it, I hope.

Jim and his site and his followers and his Facebook page are fun, instructional, and addictive. Be warned–if you love English, love writing, and love friends who do, you’ll not leave very soon after you land there.

But do go.

And thanks!