Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

From Above

From Above

We almost always view these lovely creations from above, but lately, at night, I have seen the underside of this poor thing as it tried to batter itself through this screen into my house. I went outdoors in the morning and took a photo of it, knowing I would need it for the next photo challenge, and sure enough, I did.

I enjoy when this happens, when I “just know” I will need the photo for the future. That happened with the bear I photographed so long ago, and many other times.

Most of us look at most things from the upper side, from the more presentable side, from above. How few times we know anything of the underworkings, of the heart of a matter! No one can tell the moth spent hours battering itself to no avail. “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, you’ve seen, anyone has seen. We cannot know until we walk a mile in each others’ shoes. How the feet hurt!

Next time we look at a seeming beautiful exterior, let’s remember: There is another side.

Reach out to everyone you can. You will be surprised.