What would your mother do? Fix things!

What can one mom even do to make a difference? We moms need to know this. Starting a short series here, today, about all the huge little things moms do. It’s not a contest, but let’s all tell about our memories of those little things that mean so much, that only moms know how toContinue reading “What would your mother do? Fix things!”

Remembering a Missing Friend

Remember this? A dear friend of mine died during elective surgery, 12 years ago. A home-educating mom, she left behind two young children and their faithful dad. Last time I saw them, the kids were doing fine. Actually, they were not so young anymore, then, one in high school and the other in college. TheyContinue reading “Remembering a Missing Friend”


To celebrate Mothers’ Day, I am pleased to announce the birth of a new work: TheConqueringMom.com is now officially up and running. This present site, Home’s Cool, has always been such a mix, as someone once said, “she writes just about anything” and it is true. I have learned so much about blogging, at myContinue reading “TA-DA!!”