The Blessings of Habit –- Basic Beginnings

Stick to basics in the beginning. Our children can reap what God intended from good habits, if, by the time our babies are crawling, we’ve had the pleasure of instilling good habits into them. For instance, we know we should keep them out of the cooking area, so we train them to stay out. SometimesContinue reading “The Blessings of Habit –- Basic Beginnings”

The Blessings of Habit–Part 1

Do Your Kids Have Habitual Blessings? “Hey! Turn that back on!” I heard from the hallway one day. It had happened again. We have taught our children, from the time they were young, to turn off lights as they leave a room. Someone had turned out the light while there was someone still in that room.Continue reading “The Blessings of Habit–Part 1”

Why You Would Kill a Christian

Killing Christians is a practice as old as Christianity. Those who practice it do nothing more than imitate their predecessors. Predecessors who attempted but failed to snuff out the life of our faith in its infancy. The practice of persecution is hard for some to understand but it’s actually an understandable act. In fact, IContinue reading “Why You Would Kill a Christian”

The First Thing?

I’ve not made a major announcement of my grandchildren on social media, before. Today is different. Our tenth grandchild and sixth granddaughter arrived today at 5:30 a.m. She was only a tad late, and had attempted to get here all week long. Had all the pro’s fooled. So finally, we relax, our worried prayers turningContinue reading “The First Thing?”

Do You Live with an Editor?

I can find anyone’s mistake. When folks misuse an adjective as an adverb, I mentally add, “-ly!” Yes, I mentally add the exclamation point; cannot let it go. When someone picks up the wrong fork for his salad, I have to concentrate on my own salad or I forget to eat it. When a wordContinue reading “Do You Live with an Editor?”

Sunday Scriptures: Good Morning!

…Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Psalm 30:5   Related articles Night of Weeping; Joyous Day (Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook) ( Night of Weeping; Joyous Day ( Weeping May Endure (