Hello, Friends! This week I must devote entirely to several speaking chores. So I thought you would enjoy viewing the introductions to my presentations. Here they are in their approximate final draft. Enjoy! Managing Your Money About sixty years ago, two sharecroppers laid their baby boy in a box that was really a dresser drawer,Continue reading “THE MONEY MOM”

Thanks to Your Grandfather

When I was only 8, my family took me to visit a park I remember fondly. It had fountains and rock formations that still exist today. Recently we returned to it and although improvements have appeared, much of it remains unchanged. One beautiful part of this park is the thousands of rocks placed in formationContinue reading “Thanks to Your Grandfather”

I Haven’t Made My Bed, Yet…

…No, my bed sits all a-jumble. However, on a different topic, I found the most amazing thing while I was waiting for the bedding to make itself. 😉 I was just checking regular emails and discovered some news. In New York City, if you are very rich, you can get Special special education from theContinue reading “I Haven’t Made My Bed, Yet…”