On Top of NOT Spaghetti!

Where I guest post about another of my silly home-made recipes that I love… If you’re interested in catfish, at all, but resent firing up the huge fryer thing. Or if you are looking for yet another low-carb recipe. Or if you are totally bored with the usual and just want something different. And delicious!Continue reading “On Top of NOT Spaghetti!”

Global Warming! Coming soon to a kitchen near you!

Nothing warms a home like something baking. It’s cold outside where you live. Everyone should get busy! Doesn’t matter if it’s a delicious batch of sour dough bread: Doesn’t matter if it’s a few jars of wonderful canned bread: Doesn’t matter if it’s a wonderful, lo-carb cookie recipe! We all need to warm up our Monday! BAKE!

Love Frozen Over!

Here’s the inside scoop on really neat tricks to make you fall in love with your freezer even more: When you harvest elderberries, pick the whole stem, freeze the whole stem inside a plastic bag, and remove the berries frozen. You get more juice into your recipe and less running down your elbows. If youContinue reading “Love Frozen Over!”