What a Rush!

3/14/14 – Reposting this to honor the man. This is not about speed. It’s about that rush I get when I teach. Sometimes I say my bones are aching and it helps if I teach. Ever feel that way? I think it’s maybe being part of the Creation process. When I see the lightbulb comingContinue reading “What a Rush!”

You’re NOT Gonna Believe This.

Some folks in Florida adopted a little girl. They mistreated her and her siblings for years. People turned them in to the social workers OFTEN. Nothing was done. Not really. There were so many cases, so few workers, blah, blah, blah. Then the family withdrew the children from the public schools. Then the girl diedContinue reading “You’re NOT Gonna Believe This.”

Kinds of Babies

Our firstborn son was bookish. From an early age, he could “read” himself to sleep. (They were pre-school picture books.) He loved lining toys in rows and dressing like and imitating his daddy. He was a visual learner. My friend had two boys who disliked reading, although they loved a good story and she couldContinue reading “Kinds of Babies”

Do You Need Disposable Workbooks?

You’ve seen these before, too: oversized, paperbound booklets, that look almost like magazines, with 30-80 pages, for reading a small amount and writing the answers directly into the book. You either loved them as a child, or else not. As a home-educating mom, you may just learn to love them the way your teacher did: theyContinue reading “Do You Need Disposable Workbooks?”

I Haven’t Made My Bed, Yet…

…No, my bed sits all a-jumble. However, on a different topic, I found the most amazing thing while I was waiting for the bedding to make itself. 😉 I was just checking regular emails and discovered some news. In New York City, if you are very rich, you can get Special special education from theContinue reading “I Haven’t Made My Bed, Yet…”